I have known this to be true for quite a while but it still surprises me.

Some really really close friends will do a disappearing act as soon as they get married or have kids. You expect this from loose friends on the periphery but when this happens with close friends it’s surprising.

I’m not sure if they don’t want to see their single child free friends any more as they think we won’t understand them anymore or that we weren’t as close as I thought. It’s bizarre.

On the other hand some close friends never disappear and while the frequency of calls and get togethers changes they make the effort to return calls or message every now and then.

Maybe these disappearing friends will one day wonder where all their old friends have gone and will get back in touch to reminisce about the good old days… I’ll wait and see.

I’m not annoyed at the lack of contact, just curious as to why some people seem to be able to keep their friends around and others don’t. I guess I’ll never know.

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