I don’t go out a lot in winter… I have to wait for the warmest part of a moderate day to pop out and run my errands. I really appreciate these trips and I don’t take them for granted. I don’t travel far from home and I don’t speed.

Firstly I was not in a rush and secondly I enjoyed taking the time to see the world beyond my front door.

I parallel parked after failing to find a parking spot in a small street side parking lot. I was planning on waiting in the car while my companion got us some take away coffee. As soon as I turned off the engine I sensed a presence outside my window and looked to see a rather crazy looking lady screaming at me from inside her car. I had no idea what her problem was.

I signalled for her to open her window so that I could hear her… I immediately regretted this. She was spewing all kinds of foul abuse. Colourful insults were tripping over themselves to get out of her rancid mouth. I am not averse to swearing but I don’t do it at people… there is a HUGE difference between swearing at things/situations and yelling insults at someone’s face.

She thought I had sped through the car park risking life and limb to everyone around. This did not happen and she clearly had me confused with someone else. However, she was so erratic and frantic there was no talking to her so I did just that… I didn’t talk to her. I wound up the window and turned my gaze away from her repulsive crazy angry face.

Needless to say this made her madder (I hadn’t thought that was possible). She eventually drove off and I had to laugh.

Who knows what was going on in her life that she felt the needed to abuse someone to feel better about herself. Not my problem. It could have escalated quickly had I showed up at her crazy party. I don’t have spare energy for needless and pointless confrontations and at that point in time the best response was no response at all.

Think about it the next time some crazy MOFO is up in your grill yelling abuse. They’re probably not worth acknowledging 😛

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