When I was younger I used to hear a lot of women say “when you hit 40 something happens and you just don’t give a shit any more… you just get on with your life.” I didn’t really know what it meant and then I turned 40. There is some kind of magic in that number… I’m not sure how it works but it just does.

It’s as if a lot (not all but most) of the insecurities that were holding you back from doing what you love fall away and you decide to finally back yourself.

There comes a time in your life when you have to back yourself. You can no longer wait for someone to come along and make your dreams come true. You have to do it for yourself. This sounds really basic but it’s not. A lot of us are waiting and the time to stop is NOW.

Figure out what your dream is and make it happen. No one else can or will do it for you – it’s up to you. It’s time to back yo’ self!

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