According to an article in Shape Magazine, 80% of people pee in the shower (PITS) and I think the remaining 20% are either lying or have some serious body issues (kidding/not kidding). Further to this I took part in a survey on BuzzFeed News and similarly it showed that 81% of people PITS.

There are many benefits to PingITS and I’ve always done so. It just makes sense to me. The drain from the shower meets the drain from the loo so why not save on paper, water and sitting time. It wasn’t until I was living with a boyfriend for the first time that I realised that not everyone thought it was OK. One morning he asked me if I was PingITS. I said “yes, of course I am.” He was flabbergasted! His mother had told him to never PITS and got him into trouble whenever he did, so it was well and truly trained out of him. He was so liberated after that conversation that he took great joy in peeing in the shower every morning 🙂

Here are some great reasons to PITS;

  • If you were brainwashed into thinking that PITS is wrong, then doing so can be a daily act of rebellion. Rebellion can feel great.
  • Your body wants to… you know it does… so go with it. Just don’t go with #2 (think of the drain).
  • It saves time in the morning as you’re rushing to get ready for work.
  • PITS is good for the planet as it saves one flush a day, reducing your water usage by 6 liters (1.6 gallons) each day. Saving one flush a day will conserve 2,190 liters (584 gallons) of water each year. Make sure you keep your shower short or you’ll under your good work.
  • It saves money. If you’re saving water, then you’re saving money.
  • The shower water will wash your bits and you will save on bog roll = good for the pocket + the environment.
  • It’s not going to kill you so get over it!

While PITS is great, peeing in the bath is still a MASSIVE NO NO. Don’t do that!

The next time someone denies PITS just remember, they are probably lying. Practically everyone is doing it.

Here is a Brazillian ad begging you to pee in the shower to save water…

[youtube id=”5vnp8W1VI7k” maxwidth=”900″]

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