We don’t learn lessons in one go… sometimes we have to make the same mistake a couple or let’s face it MANY MANY times before it really sinks in. We can be a bit slow us humans.

I have recently committed to printing a colouring in book of my own illustrations and have had many discussions with my printer of choice. It was “printing day” and he was about to press go when he asked me if I could change the size from 160mm square to 150mm. I nearly said yes as his tone was pleading and he assured me this would make the process quicker and more efficient. Then I remembered my lesson from week 39, that women need to stop wanting to be liked. I was about to agree to something that I didn’t want to appease a stranger… I didn’t want him to think that I was a bossy bitch.

I took stock of the situation… I had already bought hundreds of plastic envelopes for the book that would be cumbersome and costly to return and most importantly the size of the pages is listed on the back of the book so changing the size without changing the text would make me a liar.

I stuck to my guns and said ‘NO’. It’s hard for us chicks to say no sometimes but I did. What was I afraid of? A stranger might be inconvenienced and think I’m not a very nice person? Why should I give a shit about what he thinks about me? I am paying him (handsomely) for his services and I should get what I’ve paid for.

I did notice the shift in my thought process from ‘I should comply and be nice’ to ‘I should get what I paid for and who cares what a stranger thinks of me’ and it was awesome. I’m not going to roam the streets being a bitch willy nilly but I think it’s good for us ladies to consider our motivation when making decisions… are we just trying to be liked or are we really doing what’s right.

Think of what you teach your children, your friends and your family… those lessons apply to you as well. Take your own advice.

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