It is difficult to change beliefs as many of these are written into our psyche at a very early age. Some people believe they deserve a lot and some people believe they deserve nothing. This script is written in us at a very young age but it is possible to challenge these beliefs.

If you grew up poor, you might feel uncomfortable owning expensive things. If you grew up feeling worthless then chances are you still feel worthless. If you grew up in a dream home with love and support you might find the real world challenging at times as nothing compares to your childhood. There are millions of examples of how our early experiences can effect what we think, believe and strive for in our lives.

It has been long believed that the first 7 years sets us up for life, but now they’re even talking about it being the first 5 years. Think of all of things that happened in our first 5 years that we don’t remember and how they may have influenced what we believe.

We are framed by these experiences, but we don’t have to stay confined by them. We can challenge our thoughts and more importantly our beliefs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works on the principle that by challenging and changing our beliefs we can change our thoughts… it is almost impossible to do it the other way round.

The first step is being aware of the limitations you are putting on yourself. If you feel you don’t deserve good things, then challenge that belief and see if you can change it. If you believe that you can’t have any down time and that you have to be going at 100km/hr all the time, then ask yourself what are you so afraid of and see if you can learn how to have some down time without feeling terribly guilty or wasteful.

Be aware of the frame you’re living in so that you can take steps to change it. You may need to get professional help in the form of counseling with a practitioner that practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy… I did this to learn how to deal with pain and it changed my life (for the better). Challenge yourself and break the frame… it is possible to be more and be happier than you are right now 🙂

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