I’m a really open person and I’m usually pretty difficult to shock… although I am not unshockable.

I don’t mind people swearing around me (god knows I swear like a trooper) but I do have a problem swearing at people rather than around them. There is something really aggressive about swearing at a person rather than at a situation.

At the same time I don’t mind people telling dirty jokes (especially if they are really funny) and I totally get pushing the boundaries for a laugh… but there are some boundaries I don’t like people crossing.

A bloke I know recently spoke about his ‘junk’ for want of a better word and what he wanted to do with it… he was trying to be funny (he failed at that) and he also being serious (creepy as fuck). It shocked me… I don’t often get shocked… it takes a lot to shock me but this did. If it was his intention to make me feel uncomfortable then he succeeded. If it was his intention to make me see him in a different light then he also succeeded at that (although I don’t think he planned on me seeing him as a creep).

So think about your humour and how specific it is… it might be best to keep it general and not aimed at a person… you might think you’re being really funny but chances are you’ll come across as an out of touch jerk.

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