Sugar addiction is real and getting off the white stuff can really hurt!

I went sugar free a few years ago. And when I say sugar free I mean processed sugar free. I still ate fruit and less processed sugars like coconut sugar.

In January last year (2015) I went on a really strict elimination diet to once-and-for-all determine what foods make me sick. While on such a strict diet my managing dietician advised I go back on sugar as so few food options were available to me and that I would likely go nuts. I really enjoyed the sugar rush and embraced my new sugary reality.

Now that I know what I can’t eat I have also put on a few extra kilos. I put this weight gain down to the sugar I so enjoyed.

Since 1 January this year I have tried to incrementally reduce my sugar intake (once all of the Christmas chocolate and candy were consumed) and it’s just as hard the second time around. Perhaps it is harder as I no longer have the crutch of coconut sugar (no one can tell me definitively if it contains salicylates or not).

I have had MASSIVE sugar cravings and at times feel positively cranky looking for a sugary fix. I know it will pass but it hasn’t passed yet. Most of the foods that people consume to make the transition easier are off the table for me, so I’m going cold turkey. The only kind of cold turkey I enjoy is thinly sliced on a sandwich with lettuce and cranberry jelly – but I’m also allergic to that! Does the madness ever end?

It’s safe to say that I may have an occasional indulge on the white stuff in the future (no one can be a saint forever) but I will never go back on it. Having a lapse or treat day is very different to forming a habit. Habits are hard to break… I will beat the white daemon but don’t piss me off in the meantime LOL.

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