By observing people (including myself) I have come to the conclusion that humans are addicted to suffering.

Think about it! We know logically what we should do to live a better life, feel great about ourselves and live longer BUT how many of us actually do that! Sadly not the majority 🙁 Don’t get me wrong… I am super guilty of this so I am not passing judgement.

We know that if we get up in the morning and go for a walk in the crisp morning air we are going to feel great for most of the day… but do we do it often? NO!

We know that lying in bed all weekend watching reruns of True Blood may temporarily satisfy us but it will make us feel horrible about wasting an entire weekend and getting nothing done. Do we put down the remote and go out to brunch with mates? NO!

We know that eating foods that are no good for us (for me things I’m allergic to) will make us sick (either in the short or long term) but can we stay away from their deliciousness? NO!

I’m not sure why this is true for most humans and what the evolutionary advantage was for doing things that make us feel bad, but I’d sure like to understand why.

So maybe in an absence of understanding we can choose to identify it as a problem and change our behaviour. Easier said than done. However, if we are aware that what we are doing is making us miserable or less happy than we could be then maybe we can do something about it regardless of our lack of understanding as to why we do it in the first place.

So get up early on the weekend, eat food that makes your body sing and get out in nature. We don’t have to know why we enjoy suffering so much but we can decide to stop wallowing in it 😛

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