Things cannot grow forever… this is true of people and living things, the economy, the planet, the universe… basically everything!

Every day you see politicians on TV talking about jobs and growth, jobs and growth… but growth cannot be eternal. Politicians want eternal economic growth so they want to increase the population to make this happen… there are limits. One day we will run out of room and resources to sustain ‘economy’ saving population growth and what will we do then? Surely growth will have to stop and decay will begin.

People, animals and plants don’t grow forever (with the exception for some species of sponges in the ocean off Antarctica and some black coral that could be thousands of years old but one could argue that they don’t really grow but keep regenerating). All things within the world we know and live in will come to an end… eventually.

Maybe it’s the end that makes the middle so much better. If we didn’t have a deadline for our work we would likely never get anything done. Likewise, if we didn’t know that one day we are going to die then we would never get anything done. Our guaranteed demise is what makes us the creative, productive and awesome creatures we are.

So why do we think that empires will always grow, economic growth MUST always move in an upward direction, that the stock market must grow and that the earth can sustain uncontrolled population growth FOREVER. Like all great civilisations in the past ours will one day crumble and another will emerge to take its place.

I’m sure in the time of the Roman Empire no one could ever envisage it’s demise but we know that once great civilisations collapsed and other civilisations sprouted up from their ruins. Just as O.J. Simpson was a greatly admired sportsman and celebrity in the 1980’s… look at him now!

Growth cannot be eternal, fame cannot last forever, young perky bosoms cannot stay perky for an eternity, our favourite plants will eventually die and yogurt will eventually go off. So keep this in mind (in a good way) and appreciate everything we have right now… it won’t last… maybe something better will take its place but just in case lets make the most of what we’ve got RIGHT NOW!

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