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This has been a huge lesson for me this year.

After seeing the Chuck Close exhibition at the MCA in January I was struck, not only by his work but by his amazing work ethic. Despite devastating disability and debilitating pain he continues to work.

I have battled with my own self doubt and lack of drive when it came to getting my creative projects from my head into the real world. I was always creating work in my mind but never committing it to paper or wood. By doing so I could never really fail and I got to feel like an artists without really doing anything tangible.

Chuck Close kind of shook me to my core and since that day I have done at least one drawing a day. The passion is only one part of the equation and I’ve always had plenty of that… the magic is in the doing and once you start working more passion follows.

So to anyone out there who has a creative spark… just make something… more will come. Trust me 🙂

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