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I had a great discussion with an orthopaedic surgeon this week… it was one of those great chats where you’re both fascinated and schooled by someone who knows so much.

We were talking about evolution, exercise and how humans best move and function. Then he dropped this little pearl of wisdom… “strength is the enemy of speed’. I had to stop and think about it and it’s true. If an arm is super muscly and massive it will move much slower than a lean and nimble arm. Likewise, a super strong military tank will sluggishly creep across the ground but a sports car will fly by because it is not weighed down by ‘strength’.
It is a super simple idea but I really the way it broken down entirely.

It made me think… I want to get strong but not too strong. I want to be fast and agile but not at the expense of strength. We’ve all got to find sweet spot in the middle.

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