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There has been a lot of human suffering in the last few weeks on planet earth (lets face it there always is).

On the smaller side of the scale, the murder of two Australian citizens by the Indonesian Government has had a massive impact on Australia and our attitude towards our neighbour in the north. It seems that an apparent show of power and a huge lack of compassion were key factors in these executions going ahead. On the other end of the scale the massive loss, distraction, and catastrophic suffering in Nepal due to mother natures show of power has lead to a global outpouring of help, love, support and compassion for the people of Nepal (even though we wonder how the help can really make it to such remote and cut off areas).

There are always horrible things going on in the world but every now and then a few capture our attention and tug on our heartstrings more than others (for whatever reason). This week witnessing the apparent lack of compassion practiced in one part of Asia and the incredible global display of compassion for our neighbours in Nepal has highlighted the importance of power and compassion.

People often think that power comes from showing physical, mental or emotional strength over others. However, in my experience it is the individuals who can practice love and compassion without the need for validation and adoration to be the most powerful. It’s the power you keep to yourself that is the truest and strongest power of all. Compassion is king and ultimately I believe it makes us stronger – for ourselves and for others.

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