I thought my gorgeous poodle Leroy Brown attracted a lot of attention when I went for a walk, but when my sister got Jackson Brown a very little and very cute red teacup poodle, who demanded unprecedented attention and stopped traffic (literally).

Dogs really do make it easy for strangers to strike up a conversation. I can’t walk 2 meters without being stopped and quizzed about the fluffy beauty on the end of the leash. It is wonderful to meet so many people and if I was shy it would be a great ice-breaker. However, I am not shy and if I really wanted to talk to someone, then I just would. I have had some great conversations with many lovely people and I’m getting to know more locals which has had its benefits 🙂 So if you’re a tad lonely, a bit shy and you want to get to know people then get a small, fluffy and irresistibly cute puppy and you will have a endless stream of conversations.

Now here is the reason this is a 2-part lesson… If you want to have a contemplative quiet walk to clear your heart, head or mind then DON’T walk with an irresistibly cute puppy dog. You will be annoyed and harassed and no matter how much you grumble and just walk on by, his adoring fans will burst your bubble and you will not get the peace you’re looking for. There is no peace when accompanied by such beauty.

Having said that, I was waiting at the station to pick up my sister and a stream of overworked and very stressed out looking city workers were flowing out of the train station. I was getting annoyed by all of the Jackson love, for goodness sake it’s a dog NOT a stuffed toy. But then I noticed the look on many peoples faces change from downtrodden and exhausted to exhilarated and thrilled to see something so beautiful. So if you are going to invest time, money and Heart Realestate in a fluffy friend then you have to take your role as smile ambassador seriously and just go along with all of the attention ♥

IMG_0336      IMG_6690

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