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You either love or hate Survivor… there seems to be no in-between. I do indeed love the show and my mother and I have watched every season and they just get better and better.

There is an overwhelming lesson I have learnt from watching this show for so many years and that is to NEVER GIVE UP!

During challenges there are some people who give it their ALL and some who half-arse it. It is amazing when someone who is not doing very well in a challenge just keeps giving it their all. They just keep trying (just like the engine that could) and beat the odds. There are so many factors to take into account… someone might have done really well in one leg of the challenge but stumble at the last hurdle, or one challenger might be physically fit but shocking at puzzles.

There have been times in life that I just want to give up on a task and I remember these hard earned wins in Survivor and I just keep on going. You can do more than you think you can. Just keep trying as you never know what you might achieve.

Make those hours watching reality TV count for something and take this lesson as your own. Keep going, never give up, the guy who just ran past you might get winded or he may not be as good at problem solving as you are. Just keep going 🙂

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