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Don’t take this the wrong way… I love to cook. What I’m talking about here is my choice not to have children.

I know times are changing and women’s rights have come a very, very long way but for some reason, people still think it’s their business to quiz women about whether or not they are going to have children. This used to happen occasionally in my thirties but now that I’m in my forties it happens almost every time I leave the house. Why do people care?

Just because you have the equipment (a uterus/oven) it does not mean you have to use it (to cook a baby/cake). I don’t think men are quizzed with the same frequency and I’m baffled as to why people care so much. Also, it doesn’t stop at do you have kids… it evolves into why, why not and a long list of reasons why you should (including not dying alone). I’m not talking about close friends curiously prying into your plans and dreams, its usually complete strangers who inquire and judge you.

I guess it’s the same for newly wed couples… as soon as their honeymoon is over they are constantly quizzed if they’re trying to have kids. I know that kids are a huge deal (one of the reasons I don’t want to breed) but why is it that everyone who has them tries to guilt trip you into having your own? I’m starting to question their enthusiasm and that maybe I’ve made the right choice after all 😛

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