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Anyone who knows me knows I eat really well. I don’t entertain any fantasies of being paleo or 100% carbohydrate free (impossible) but I make a point of eating mainly good carbs and keeping the bad ones to a minimum.

This has been the coldest winter in Sydney in 40 years (and I’m really feeling it). I REALLY WANT TO EAT MORE CARBS. I know this is at odds with last weeks post about sugar being the opium of the masses… sometimes it comes down to whatever gets you through.

Today’s bitter cold, icy rain and howling winds have made me want to go carb crazy. There might be an evolutionary reason for this. Perhaps shivering puts demands on our energy needs as our bodies try to keep us warm. Or maybe our bodies think we are entering a new ice age and want to lay down some fat to make sure we survive. Whatever the reason, the desire is strong and I’m not going to fight it. Wholemeal toast with butter or soup with potatoes and noodles or egg and homemade oven potato chips. I say go forth and stock up on carbs… whatever gets you through.

Notice my carb choices are still relatively healthy… I’m not eating buckets of processed foods that have a lot of added yuckies. So carb out but stay sensible and don’t do it for too long… it’s only 45 days till spring and 136 days till summer in Australia so keep your carb loading to days under 15 degrees and we should emerge from winter in decent shape 😛

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