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Although we all know this on some level, there are some lessons we keep learning again and again on deeper levels.

Yesterday was my beautiful mother’s birthday. It was a big birthday and lets say it ends in a “0”. We took her out for lunch to the beautiful Seasalt Restaurant in Cronulla and at the end of a very long and amazing meal the staff came up to ask if the age on my mothers card was a prank or real. They could not believe her age. She has an incredibly youthful or perhaps timeless spirit, is blessed with great genes and stays relevant with the times (not getting stuck in some random old era). It took some convincing and they were stunned as to how young she looks.

I guess this is why I don’t care about age. It’s been drummed into me by my wise mother that it doesn’t matter. I have friends as young as 10 and some as old as 80 years old. We learn different things from the young and the old and being ageist only limits our own experience of the world.

Conversely, many people are so obsessed with age, relying on plastic surgery to stay young and beautiful. It’s sad because if we only focus on the outside, the inside can seem empty and unkept. Saying that, I think it is important to look after yourself, dress well, do your hair and face for yourself as much as for anyone else. Looking after yourself tells you and the world that you matter… and you do.

So let go of any misconceptions you may have that old people are boring or kids are silly. Hanging out with all age groups will fill your life with so much fun and friendship. Also, having a good attitude will help you age with grace and stay beautiful on the inside (and the outside) for a long long time.

If you’re lucky and look after yourself (inside and out) you might grow up to be as beautiful as my gorgeous mum ♥ Happy Birthday Mum… you really are the best & most beautiful mum in the world xo

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