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This week I read and shared an article tilted How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain (The New York Times). You don’t really need a science degree to observe that city dwellers experience more anxiety and lots of studies have confirmed this long held suspicion. It seems that now scientists are focusing on opposite side of this argument, the notion that walking in nature can have positive effects on your brain.

Even though we know this instinctively to be true, us humans seem to be addicted to suffering. We know what will make us happier and healthier but we rarely do it. Going form bed to commute to office and back again leaves little contact with green spaces. Try to find somewhere in this cycle to wonder through a garden or take the dog for a walk somewhere green rather than in a concrete jungle.

It’s interesting that brooding thoughts (morbid rumination or chewing over bad things in our lives) were reduced in individuals who walked along quiet tree lined spaces. You can imagine how these negative thought patterns could feed into anxiety and increase stress.


One study does not create a rule but the trend is there. Spending a bit of time each day in a green space could really help you out. So why not try it. It’s not going to hurt you… there are no negative side effects… so put on your shoes and start walking 🙂

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