What I Learnt This Week WK35
In the wise words of The Steve Miller Band ‘time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future’. In their 1976 hit Fly Like an Eagle they start out with this trippy time-slipping line that has been playing on high rotation in my brain this week.

Last week I had the flu and got next to NOTHING done… this week I somehow lost a day and thought Thursday was Wednesday and nearly missed a meeting that I had organised… and then I realised that there are only 17 weeks until Christmas eeeek! While I didn’t write out a list of  resolutions at the beginning of this year (I decided to do this project instead) I did a have mental list of things that I hoped to achieve this year and I am running out of time.

Watch The Steve Miller band’s Fly Like an Eagle and think about what you haven’t yet achieved this year… you too might eeeek along with me 😛
[youtube id=”zlAlCmqjRug” maxwidth=”1000″]

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