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view or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is.

I truly love social media… the connectedness and community it provides is phenomenal. However, I do get a bit flabbergasted by people complaining about the most mundane and stupid things. We are all guilty of this (myself included) but some people just go on and on.

Some people turn the smallest of things into an international incident.

Today I saw a woman on facebook complaining about being stuck in a traffic jam and how devastated she was because the ice-cream she had just bought was melting. This can be spun into a funny #firstworldproblem post but this was a serious complaint. She is a very fortunate woman if that is the biggest problem in her life, bravah for her.

Just watch the news and get some perspective love. There are people dying in an earthquake in Chile while thousands run for their lives across Europe. I’m not saying we can’t complain but at least get some perspective… if not for our sakes but for your own.

Imagine if the energy we all put into stressing about stupid crap was put go good use. Just imagine.

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