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Have you noticed that everyone is in such a rush… all the time? Where are they going? What are they doing that is so important? Are they trying to save the world? What good is coming out of this?

The trouble with rushing everywhere all the time is that people are in a constant state of high stress and panic. Quite often if someone gets in their way they get stroppy and sometimes they get shovey. Nobody wins.

If you have to get somewhere by a certain time, rushing like a maniac is not likely to get you there any faster. How many times have you been driving and see a car hoon in and out of traffic only to come to rest next to you a few minutes later at a red light.

Here are some of the negative aspects of rushing that I can think of:
– Elevated stress levels, science knows this is bad for our health
– Increased chance of having an accident or even dying, if you’re rushing you are more likely to make stupid decisions
– Inability to enjoy the trip, you won’t notice the lovely scenery if you’re furious about the time
– Being unpopular, nobody likes cranky people
– Looking ugly, a screwed up cranky face is never attractive
– Not getting there that much earlier, shaving a few minutes off your trip is not worth all of the negative side effects

In conclusion, it’s best to try to leave enough time for your travels so that you’re less likely to get into a panic. The next time you’re in a mad rush, weigh up your options and remember that screaming like a banshee or rushing like The Road Runner might get you there a few minutes earlier but at what cost!

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