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Some days you just feel like crap. There may be no particular reason for this state of being and even if there is a good reason it is important to take steps to make yourself feel better.

One quick and easy way to start the upward mood trend is to wear fancy underwear… no one need know about it (unless you’re an exhibitionist – not that there’s anything wrong with that) and you can start your day with a fancy secret hidden under your clothes.

It’s usually these days that we most want to wear our daggy panties (there’s that word) to coordinate with our mood but it’s exactly these days when we need to make the effort to buck the downward slide and pick ourselves up with a frilly pair of knickers, a silky teddy or even a half cup chemise… whatever it takes to get you out of a funk.

So the next time you are tempted to stay in your jammies and ugg boots… consider starting your day with a good foundation garment. This is not the whole solution to your bad day, it’s just the start but you have to start somewhere and why not in your knicker drawer.

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