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I was on a plane the other week and the man sitting behind us seemed quite grumpy. He huffed and puffed when he had to wait 10 seconds for me to get out of his way so that he could pass me in the isle. Then he took his seat and you would think that having 3 seats to himself would bring a smile to his face – apparently not! Once the plane was underway I tried to find my eye drops… where were they? I looked in my seat pocket, on the floor and under my butt. I couldn’t find them anywhere so I widened the search. I saw something white between my chair and the wall of the plane and tugged on it. It wasn’t until I had it in my hand that I realised it was ‘his’ newspapers in a shopping bag. Realising that it wasn’t mine I was about to say a quiet sorry when he snatched it out of my hand and mumbled something horrible under his breath. I was surprised. I had not intended to steal his newspapers… I had brought my own.

I don’t think he smiled once on the whole journey… even when I smiled at him determined to curve up the corners of that cranky sour mouth.

It got me thinking… it must be exhausting to be cranky all of the time. Like really exhausting. It must be really horrible to in a constant state of ‘cranky arsehole’. I have made a point of getting rid of the people in my life who are negative or bring me down and as a result I have had very little exposure to unsolicited crankiness and seeing it up close was a bit of a shock.

Despite feeling horrible, do these permanently cranky people realise how UGLY they are? If for no other reason take measures to curb your cranky ways as it makes an otherwise ok looking person look like a troll. Just try to look sexy while being cranky – it can’t be done!

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