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Being out and about in Sydney and her leafy surrounding suburbs this week I have encountered the good, the bad and the ugly.

I really love Christmas. It is a huge deal in our family even though we are not religious. It’s a glorious celebration of family and it’s a really big production in our house.

However when you’re in the shops you see people who are worn down, frustrated, angry and who are not feeling the Christmas spirit. It seems that the pressure to have a perfect Christmas has taken a lot of the fun out of it and it’s sad when the joy is lost.

I find it interesting the way people buy in the supermarket. They purchase food as if the world is ending. The amount of food they buy and I wonder how much of it will really get eaten and how much will end up in landfill! The shops will only close for one maybe two days max. It’s just Christmas NOT armageddon! The shops will open again in a day or two and forgetting the icing sugar shouldn’t ruin Christmas for everyone.

I hope your Christmas is fantabulous and full of fun, family and frivolity 🙂

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