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Recently I’ve been noticing that the older I get, the more I get out of hanging with my girlfriends (this includes sisters & mums as well). I’ve always held my girlfriends in high esteem but I now realise that they are an essential ingredient in my life providing sanity, clarity, fun, shenanigans, a sounding board, a cheer squad and a vault for my insecurities and secrets.

We all grow up fantasising that we’ll meet a great guy (or gal) that will fulfil all of our needs, but you can’t get everything from JUST one person. The more we expect from our partner the more we’ll be disappointed in their inability to be ALL things.

This does not mean that I expect less from a partner, but they can’t be EVERYTHING. Likewise this does not mean that partners are not important… they really are… but if we can share some of the crazy around, then maybe we can have more fun times with our significant other.

I was having breakfast with a girlfriend last Sunday and I was trying to explain my girlfriends philosophy to her… I wasn’t very elegant about it it. She told me that her mum always said (paraphrasing here) “girlfriends are the main meal… guys are desert”. I loved this… it’s just perfect.

We need our girlfriends to sustain and nourish us BUT to have balanced meal and satisfy all of our senses we have our guy(s) for desert (an essential part of any meal). This simple and elegant phrase perfectly summarises the essential nature our girlfriends play in our lives and that while we can live without desert… we choose to indulge in a little bit of man-love to top off a perfect meal.

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