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As Soul II Soul said in the late 80’s… Keep on moving!

There is a lot of wisdom in this lyric… motion and movement leads to getting shit done. I have a lot of issues with energy and pain… it’s a daily thing and I don’t get a break. There are really bad days that are difficult and I can’t get much done… but thankfully those days are no longer as frequent as they used to be. I made a deal with myself, regardless of the kind of day I’m having, I have to get shit done. Irrespective of the type of day I’m having I have to start work (of any kind) by midday.

I might have to work from my bed, I might only get a little bit done, I might work through till 9pm and get an extraordinary amount of work done… but I have to start by midday. This deal with myself lead to 2016 being one of the most prolific and productive years I’ve had in more than a decade. I didn’t realise how big the impact of this action would be, but it has been an overwhelmingly positive one.

This can apply to people with good health and normal energy levels as well… at the end of the day after a long day’s work you don’t have to sit on the couch watching TV every night. You too can keep moving so that you can get more shit done. We all need to get more out of life other than our 9-5 jobs.

There is another application of the ‘keep moving’ principal. Our bodies are not made for a sedentary life. Our bodies – healthy or injured -respond well to movement. Arthritis responds well to movement with joints getting stuff and sore if still for too long. Bad backs are much better when our bodies are moved throughout the day. Fatigue is lessened when we don’t give into it and rest more. It seems that everything is just better when we stay active and KEEP MOVING.

Nothing gets done unless you do it yourself… so what are you waiting for… keep moving and start getting shit done.

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