what i learnt this week 2016 :: WEEK 22

I think most residents of the free world are tired of greedy leaders who serve big business + the 1% + their own selfish interests. This is the reason there seems to be a bit of rebellious voting going on. Trump and Brexit for example… rebellious voting hurts the voters as well as the leaders they are so tired of having to watch. I don’t blame people for being disillusioned with our leaders – I certainly am. However, voting for bad choices is not the answer. I don’t actually know what the answer is but putting Trump in charge is not the answer.

I wonder how rebellious voting might impact our federal election this weekend in Australia. As long as Barnaby Joyce and Christopher Pyne don’t get reelected I can live with just about anything LOL.

Choose your vote wisely this weekend and lets hope we do Australia proud.

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