what i learnt this week :: WEEK 14

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I ADORE this saying… it’s so simple. I have previously featured the work of Rachel Ryle on my site under Artists I Like… an animation artist that is taking youtube and instagram by storm. Her brand of cute and straight to the point really suits my sensibility and attention span. I just adore her work.

This last week she posted the video below and I feel in love with the quote “Good things come to those who make”. Priceless and so true… even if the good thing is just a warm glowy feeling inside from doing something you truly love. Keep up the good work Rachel… you are inspiring us all.

[youtube id=”6Kecu6nkVFc” maxwidth=”1000″] See ALL #WhatILearntThisWeek See the NEXT #WhatILearntThisWeek
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