I’m back – first post for the New Year… getting back into all things illustration 🙂

Benjamin had always been a bit of a blue-eyed pretty boy and he became an accidental hipster… one day he became aware of the working conditions of coffee plantation workers and the next thing he knew he was a full blown hipster. He really really really hated the Bondi Hipsters… they just took the piss out of anyone who cared about their food and the earth. He even considered shaving but he loved his beard too much to go that far
Scan 3.jpeg

This is the last in the current round of “Chip Life” profiles. I will be making a new series in the weeks and months to come. Get in touch if you know any great Chip Life ideas… someone you know might be just right. Send me a description of what their chip involves and how it affect them I’d love to bring it to life for all the world to share 🙂

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